Irish Snowdrops
I'm doing my best to get a full collection of Irish Galanthus back into Irish soil. This has been a very hard struggle as most of them are in gardens outside of the  island of Ireland. By Irish Galanthus I means bulbs which have originated here. I'm hoping serious growers will supply up to 3 bulbs of each but I am willing to buy them. The full list of Irish Galanthus is below. Those with a # are the ones I'm looking for. Are you able to help me with my quest? email
elwesii 'David Shackleton'
elwesii 'Robin Hall' #
ikariae 'Emerald Isle' #
nivalis 'Irish Green' #
nivalis x plicatus 'Mark's tall'
plicatus 'Mary Heley-Hutchinson' #
'Cicely Hall' #
'Hill Poe'
'Kenneth Hall' #
'Kildare' #
'Ruby Baker' #
'The Whopper'